Ormax started in 1985, as a specialist Qualitative Research company, the first of its kind in India. Today Ormax has evolved into a full Consumer Knowledge firm that operates worldwide. Unfettered by technique or geography.

This is an evolutionary step that takes us beyond research. It amalgamates decades of experience, knowledge and understanding with the latest concepts in research. Bringing a holistic approach to understanding consumers and their relationship with brands.

It is important to appreciate that all our work is rooted in a direct interaction with the consumer through various research techniques. As, in today's competitive environment, it is no longer enough to rely on intuition or gut feel alone. The real consumer is frequently (and dangerously), very different from what we think he or she is.

An essential and distinctive aspect of our work is that we do not see ourselves as mere suppliers of data but get actively involved in strategy formulation and planning.

Underlying all of this, is the spirit and attitude that we at Ormax bring to our working relationships. We do not acknowledge a client-agency relationship. We work in equal partnerships with the companies we are associated with. We genuinely care about the brands we work on.

This is reflected in the long relationships we share with most of our partners; many lasting well over 10-15 years. And it is this that makes us proud!