Paras Pharmaceuticals had developed Livon, a non-greasy hair fluid that resembled neither shampoo or hair oil but yet detangled knots in hair. The launch promise was to be, 'great looking hair'.

Since most shampoos and hair oils promised great looking hair anyway, we needed to define a clear category for Livon to occupy.

We undertook extensive research, which provided three very clear insights.
  1. Every woman wanted great looking hair.
  2. All women feared hair loss, and most believed it to be a genetic problem, an act of God, or the result of stress and pollution.
  3. They also recognized that the forceful combing of tangled hair was the main cause of hair breakage that then lead to hair loss.
These insights then led us to create a new category - Hair Detanglers.

We repositioned Livon as a hair detangler that prevented hair breakage and hair loss and thus gave great looking hair.

Livon was a runaway success and dominated its category even after Marico entered with a large clone, 'Hair & Care's Silk-n-Shine'.