We recognize that different brands operate in varied contexts and diverse environments. Hence, over time, ORMAX has had to evolve specialist divisions to address this diversity. These range from understanding children to generating brand names to working with entrepreneurs.
Ormax Media

Ormax Media is our research and consulting company that focuses on empowering our business partners with consumer knowledge and strategic analysis relevant to the entertainment industry.

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Ormax Money

A Consumer Knowledge and Consulting firm specializing in the finance industry. This division empowers our business partners with direct understanding of consumer behavior across the finance space - from banking to insurance, from MFs to PEs.


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Ormax Retail
As with our other divisions, our consumer-focused approach holds true in the dynamic world of retail as well. Ormax has been studying consumer behaviour in the retail context for over a decade now. By systematically analysing a consumer's needs, wants and expectations, we have successfully tracked the changing face of the Indian consumer.

Sometimes it's all in a name. This is particularly true for all the big brands that have become generic household names for their categories overnight. If a name can wield so much power, we feel it's best not to leave the naming of your product or service in the hands of family, friends or the over-eager advertising agency. Cognito is a division of Ormax that generates and researches names for brands, services and companies through a structured scientific method. We recognise that the act of naming itself is a creative science and we approach it with a research perspective.

Young Minds
In a world saturated with media and advertising, children today transform into young consumers at a very early age. Their influence on purchases across categories cannot be denied or taken lightly. However, as a consumer, a child is every bit as complex an individual as an adult. Their low attention spans and literal/lateral forms of thought makes communicating to them a very challenging task. Which is why Villy Doctor, an accomplished child psychologist, set up this division using her years of experience in understanding and talking to young minds. The result being that Young Minds now has robust techniques in place that makes understanding and communicating to your young consumers, child's play.
The Teen Thing
It would be condescending to believe that as adults we can understand teenagers better than they do themselves. Which is why at Ormax, we place the onus of understanding teens in the hands of experts - other teens. This division gets specially trained teenagers to research teenage consumers in order to better understand the attitudes, influences and trends that are affecting their world. This unique method has helped bypass barriers and zero-in on what teenage consumers are actually saying.
A key method used at Ormax, Ethnography or Observational Research as it is also known, is a specialised field of anthropology (the study of human societies and cultures). It involves observing consumers in their natural environment in an unobtrusive and uninfluenced manner. At Ormax, we recognise that all aspects of human behaviour and thought are inter-related and cannot be studied as separate aspects. Gaining a holistic look at consumers is an important part of the work we do
Reality Checks
At Ormax, we understand the nature of business. We realise that it is dynamic, fast-paced and sometimes urgent and cannot always wait on research for answers it requires right now.

Which is precisely why this division was set-up. Reality Checks is our research arm designed to keep pace with your business needs. Whether you are considering a new logo or pondering over a new offering, we can deliver the research you need to make your decision in a matter of days. All the while, ensuring the same quality of service you have come to expect from us.
Entrepreneurship is a key characteristic of the Indian business mind. And it is flourishing in today’s rich business environment.While entrepreneurs have the vision, drive and resources to embark on new business ventures, the one thing they often do not have is consumer understanding and experience. Ormax provides this through active consumer knowledge work as well as through its brand advisory.

Quisense is your sensory window into the real world. A window to what's going on. Ormax conducts about 60 - 70 group discussions a month. At the end of every group, 15 - 20 mins of additional time are added on for Quisense clients' issues. Research is done all over India and if required, additional interviews are conducted. The end result is that consumer learnings of all sorts emerge outside the category or type of problem. These are of great value to marketers and businessmen. Quisense is dependable, high frequency (every month) and economical. It provides real world learnings from actual consumers. However, Quisense is not a substitute for customized research.