The Naming Company

Cognito is probably India’s first specialist name generation and name testing company.

We believe that a name, be it of a person, brand, product, service or whatever, is the most important attribute.

It is the mental handle.
The first definer of the personality.
The key element of the brand memory.
The most constant element of the brand.
The most precious possession of the brand.

And that’s why at Cognito we take names very, very seriously.

So, what makes a “good” name? All names acquire “value” over time and investment. So there are no “good” or “bad” names. Only names that either limit you or support you.

A bad name can cause more damage than a good name can help. Importantly, it must not close positioning opportunities.

And, a good name should live forever!

The Cognito Naming Process begins with a comprehensive understanding of the brand’s future aspirations. Followed by a study of the competitive and category naming trends. Resulting in specific directions to be worked on by creative teams. Followed by linguistic analysis.

This is a complex process culminating in the names being researched for value and psychological overtones.

Some sample projects:

  • Large format retail stores – Globus
  • Chain of entertainment complexes across the country – Fun Republic
  • The Taj group – Insomnia
  • The Taj group – Souk
  • Titan watches – Zoop
  • GCI – Collabera
  • Internet assignments
  • Assignments from
  • AOL
  • Godrej
  • Britannia